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Equipment Insurance Direct protects landscaping equipment.

Equipment Insurance Direct to you.

Equipment Insurance Direct provides a straightforward solution to the challenge of obtaining equipment insurance for your business. It's fast, easy, and affordable. Provided by equipment insurance leader American Lease Insurance Agency Corporation, it's all the coverage you need, and it's available online.

Protect your equipment - and your business.

If you lease or finance equipment for your business, insurance is required by your contract. But it's a smart business move, too, since equipment insurance enables you to keep operating your business, should you experience a loss.

Affordable coverage that stays affordable.

Equipment Insurance Direct is economical, generally lower than the cost of coverage you can access through typical business owner policies. You can count on it to stay affordable, because the monthly insurance cost is fixed for the term of your agreement, financed through FIRST Insurance Funding Corp. It's predictable and convenient, with charges deducted securely each month from the bank account you specify.

Our business is protecting yours.

Equipment Insurance Direct is provided by the American Lease Insurance Agency Corporation, creator of the American Lease Insurance Program, an innovative, automated program of equipment insurance offered through lessors and financing companies, which has covered tens of thousands of customers since 2000. Now, competitive, affordable, comprehensive coverage is available direct to small business owners like you. Equipment Insurance Direct is underwritten by AGCS Marine Insurance Company, an Allianz Group Company (Rated "A+" XV {Superior} by A.M. Best Company). Financing for Equipment Insurance Direct is provided by FIRST Insurance Funding Corp., one of the largest premium finance companies in North America.

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We can help with truck insurance, too.

American Lease Insurance Commercial Auto offers easy access to competitive coverage provided by standard-market "A"-rated carriers. Find out more.