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American Lease Insurance Commercial Auto provides insurance for many types of leased and financed trucks.

Insurance to get your business on the road.

If you finance or lease a vehicle for your business, commercial vehicle insurance is required to satisfy the terms of your agreement. Whether for a single truck or your company fleet, American Lease Insurance Commercial Auto makes it easy for you to obtain superior coverage from a standard-market “A”-rated carrier at competitive rates.

Truck coverage geared for business.

American Lease Insurance Commercial Auto offers the coverage you need to protect your vehicles and your business, and satisfy the terms of your agreement. Choose the coverage that works for you.

  • Physical damage/comprehensive and collision - Damage to the vehicle due to collision, fire, theft or vandalism
  • Physical damage and liability - Includes coverage if you or your commercial driver injure another person or damage their property while driving the vehicle
  • Uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage
  • Medical payments (MedPay), to cover cost of hospitalization and medical treatment
  • Personal injury protection (PIP), to cover medical expenses and lost wages due to accident
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Keep insurance expenses in line.

You need insurance to get your vehicle on the road, and protect you and your business should you or your driver have an accident or your vehicle is damaged. But you don’t want to pay more than you need to for coverage. American Lease Insurance Commercial Auto provides superior coverage at competitive rates, with premiums billed monthly, for your convenience.

We have the details covered, too.

American Lease Insurance Commercial Auto was created to make your insurance requirement easy to fulfill. A simple, online application prompts you for all the information you need. A convenient auto-pay option means you don’t even have to think about premiums. Review prior to renewal ensures that you and your business are adequately protected now – and next year, too.

Simple, on-line application
Annual policy
Competitive rates
Annual pre-renewal review