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Insurance on computers and printing equipment protects your business.

Equipment insurance designed for small businesses

If you lease or finance equipment to operate your business, insurance is a necessity, required by your lease or financing agreement. But it’s a smart business move as well, because protecting your equipment ensures that you can continue to operate your business, should you experience a loss. Equipment Insurance Direct connects you to affordable coverage you can count on. Find out what kind of equipment we cover and sample insurance charges.

Comprehensive coverage to protect your business.

Equipment Insurance Direct offers more comprehensive coverage than offered through most commercial insurance policies, even covering losses from flood or illegal taking without extra, add-on coverage.

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Replacement cost coverage. No deductible.

Equipment Insurance Direct provides replacement cost coverage, unlike typical commercial insurance policies, which cover replacement cost minus depreciation – and you have to make up the rest. With Equipment Insurance Direct, there’s not even a deductible. In the case of a total loss of leased or financed equipment, you may choose to pay off your remaining obligation instead of replacing the equipment.

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An easy claims process speeds repair or replacement.

We know you need your equipment to stay in business. We’ve made our claims reporting process simple to complete, so you are up and running again as quickly as possible.

American Lease Insurance Commercial Auto covers trucks.

If you lease or finance vehicles for your business, you know insurance is required by your agreement. American Lease Insurance Commercial Auto offers access to competitive coverage, underwritten by standard-market “A”-rated carriers. A simple online application is easy to complete. Find out how much it costs with a free quote.